A brief history of CROP – the taste of progress....

CROP ibérica was founded in 1982 by Ricardo Ángel Gómez Sáez, our Chairman,
after many years of experience in the most important international companies in the sector. He is a founding member of AEFAA (the Spanish Flavours and Fragrances Association) and served as its chairman for 16 years. He is also member of the Executive Board of the EFFA (European Flavours and Fragrances Association) as representative of Spain. CROP is dedicated to obtaining FLAVOURS AND TASTES for the food industry, either extracted directly from nature or created according to demand and trends in industry.

CROP’s innovative and creative work and the company's experience on a global level enables us to meet the constant challenges that emerge as a result of new trends in food products: the reduction of undesired ingredients (fats, sugars, salt etc.) and the incorporation of ingredients with functional properties in the interests of ensuring a more balanced and healthier diet. All of this demands our continuous creative efforts to obtain better flavours that are in keeping with these new trends

After almost three decades of operation, today CROP is considered one of the leaders in the creation and manufacture of FLAVOURS. We have excellent credentials that qualify us to provide flavour solutions to the food and beverages industries thanks to our ability to respond to demand.
All this would not have been possible without the trust and collaboration of our Spanish and international clients, to whom we are extremely grateful.

All of this means that we have a consolidated presence now and in years to come in a world without frontiers, working together in the quest for healthier foods and drinks for the global market.